Spy College - an independent film from writer/director Michael DeSanto
Meet the talented cast of "Spy College"!

Charles Wetzel Jr. (Nick)
Charles has been acting in my short films and videos since 2008,
and played the title role in my first film, "Max Anderson, Private Eye".
As Nick Dasher, Charles gets to act out every guy's fantasy - fight the
bad guys, save the world and get the girl.
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Elliott Kreim (Chase)
Elliott is an aspiring actor from Ashland, OH who can be spotted
somewhere in the background of the latest "Captain America" film.
He had a tough job making Chase McCall a likable douchebag,
but he handled it well!

Sierra Minarcin (Veronica)
Sierra's first acting roles were in my popular "Stupornatural"
series of videos. She's appeared in a several other internet and
music videos, and playing Veronica is be her biggest role to date.
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Robert Ammanniti (Dr. Auraless)
Bob is a Fremont Community Theater alumni with countless years
of stage experience under his belt. His first movie experience
was playing the gangster Vince in "Max Anderson, Private Eye"
and he enjoyed not having to rehearse his part for weeks on end.
In "Spy College", he gets promoted to lead villain and has a blast
mangling the English language with his faux-European accent.
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Heather Bartlett (Professor Maxwell)
Heather played Cassandra in "Max Anderson, Private Eye" and
everyone was impressed by her acting and professionalism on set.
So it was a no-brainer to bring her onboard for "Spy College".
Here, she plays a character that's the total opposite of
Cassandra - all business!
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Nick Schetter (Charles)
Nick previously played Mike in "Max Anderson, Private Eye" and
here I gave him a more fun part to play. His resemblance
to the actor portraying Q in "Skyfall" was very fortuitous.
He has all the cool gadgets and a "Bond girl" of his own!
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